Facebook Ads and Social Media Management

On this page, I will introduce you to how to properly set up your Facebook page as well as how to manage several social media platforms from one place. Please watch the videos below.

This Video will Show you how to manage your Facebook Campaigns.  Note: Video 7 and beyond is about ads and boosting posts.

Don’t forget if you need help, please feel free to reach out to us. We offer coaching services and done for you services.

Video 1: Setting up your Facebook page from your personal page.


Video 2: Setting up your Facebook Cover and the rest of your page.


Video 3: Ordering Your Facebook Cover from Fiverr

Video 4: Receiving Your Order from Fiverr and What to Do if Something isn’t Right (Ordering Revisions)

Video 5: Receiving your Order once it is Complete

Video 6: A Quick Way to Manage all of your social media.


Intro to Facebook Advertising

Video 7: Boosting a Post (Intro to Facebook Ads)

Video 8: Ad Approval and Facebook policies

Video 9: Modifying a Boosted Post / Ad