Search Engine Optimization Training

Welcome to our Overview and In-Depth Training on SEO

Please start with the what is SEO section.

Remember that all Search Engine Optimization begins and ends with keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases that users input into the search engines to find specific results.

For instance, if a user wants to find a pediatrician, they may type the word “pediatrician” plus the area that they live in. For instance “pediatrician Atlanta” is the keyword search for someone trying to find a pediatrician in Atlanta, GA.

Video #1: What is SEO?

Video #2: The Two Main Components of SEO: Onpage and Offpage

Video #3: A Closer Look at Onpage SEO

Video #4: Intro to Offpage SEO and How Google Actually Works:


Video #5: Understanding How the Search Engine Sees Quality Signals and Backlinks

Video #6: Understanding the Two Types of Backlinks